I specialize in Backend Engineering, currently loving Golang 💻

Work Experience

Backend Software Engineer,

Implementing features for and supporting customers of Splice API (internal and external).

Software Engineer, Perforce Software

At Perforce, I worked as a Server Engineer on Helix Versioning Engine, which is Perforce’s main versioning product. During my time at the company, I specialized in developing features for and supporting projects that were solving a variety of problems around bi-directional Perforce <-> Git integration.

  • Git Fusion, a tool used for translating Git repo history into Perforce file-based history format
  • GraphDepot, a subset of Perforce Server features around storing Git history natively in Perforce
  • GitConnector, a tool used for mirroring Git projects between 3rd party providers (GitHub, GitLab, etc) and GraphDepot

Other Experience

Technical Reviewer, O’Reilly Media

Reviewed Docker books for technical accuracy, organization, flow and clarity

Programming Languages

Go: Currently I primarily code in Go. Go is beautiful, compiles fast, portable, has an incredible feature support in base libraries, and obsoletes many style-related discussions 💖

C++: The Perforce Server is written in C++, so I worked on maintaining and developing features in a 20-year old codebase, as well as brand-new projects 🤖

Python: Python was the first programming language I learned, it was also the programming language used for the Git Fusion project at Perforce. I still hold it very dear in my heart 🐍

Perl: Ask me about my opinions on Perl some other time, but I wrote it 🤷‍♀️


University of Southern California (Los Angeles)
BA, Economics, cum laude